Nuclear Security Contact Group


Minimising & Eliminating the Use of Highly Enriched Uranium

NNSA partners with Kazakhstan Research Institute to Remove All of its Highly Enriched Uranium

September 19th, 2017

Joint commitment to nonproliferation since 1996 has sparked deeper relationship with Institute for Nuclear Physics and enhances nuclear security

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High-enriched uranium returned from Ghana

August 30th, 2017

High-enriched uranium has been flown from Ghana back to China in the removal of all such material from the country. The Ghanaian research reactor has been converted to use low-enriched fuel instead.

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Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources

In Collaboration With the U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Health Department and NYPD Announce Agreement to Reduce Radiological Threat to NYC

October 11th, 2017

Through this new collaborative model, major hospitals and research institutions have agreed to remove certain radiological devices, replacing them with alternative technologies that do not pose a terror risk. Federal government is replicating this effort nationwide to reduce the threat of terror in other cities

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Forensics in Nuclear Security

National Nuclear Forensics Laboratory and the IAEA Collaborating Center for Nuclear Forensics

December 2016

As one of its main activities, Nuclear Security Department (NSD) takes part in combating illicit trafficking of nuclear materials and against nuclear terrorism. Our activities for developing analytical methods and making forensic investigations, including determination of the origin of nuclear materials look back more than 20 years in our institute. Currently the lately updated Governmental Decree 490/2015 (XII.30) (previously 17/1996) delegates MTA EK the duties of supporting authorities in identifying and characterising seized, found nuclear materials of unknown origin.

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